Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine Review

Schwinn 430 Elliptical Overall Rating =
/ 4.1

This is definitely our top choice for best value elliptical. Read our Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine Review to see exactly why this elliptical expertly balances top quality features and design with excellent value for money. We think it’s the best elliptical under $1000. We’ve read the reviews and recorded the ratings! You can see in the table below that this elliptical has got high scores all over!

Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine


StoreRating (out of 5)
Dick's Sporting Goods4
Sports Authority2.7





Schwinn 430 Elliptical Features

  • Adjustable resistance (20 levels of eddy current magnetic)
  • 22 different workout programs (including preset, beginner, expert and custom)
  • Includes 9 different ‘Heart Rate’ workouts
  • Exceptionally quiet workout and smooth motion
  • Very generous 20” stride length and 300lbs weight capacity
  • Charging USB port and data exchange
  • Shelf for iPad or other tablet (and has a cup-holder too!)
  • Built in mp3 port and speakers
  • Dual track double LCD screen – keep up to track with 13 types of feedback
  • Adjustable incline (six position, 10 degree manual ramp)

We have chosen this as our best elliptical under $1000, but really we would go so far as to say it’s one of our favourite on the whole market. Getting this elliptical trainer for less than $1000 is unbelievable value. You can see from the ratings table above that customer reviews are all scoring very highly – indeed it’s one of the best rated elliptical machines on Amazon. The only low rating is from Sports Authority, where it has only received 3 reviews – 2 of them were negative but due to issues from Sports Authority delivery. We recommend Amazon delivery, which has proven to be very successful. Click here to find out more…

“Fantastic quality and top-notch machine. Sturdy and perfect!” L.E.B. – Amazon Review

A Range of Top Features and Custom Programs

The Schwinn 430 Elliptical comes with 20 levels of adjustable resistance and 10° adjustable incline. As well as that there are 22 different workout programs. There are programs here for beginners and experts, as well as the opportunity to custom make your own programs. There are also programs to target different Heart Rate zones. These features, couple with the adjustable resistance and incline give you a huge variation in types of workout you can do. One of the most important factors in keeping motivated with your elliptical machine is the availability of a variety and range of exercises. The Schwinn 430 certainly provides that. You will always be able to keep pushing yourself further and further along the road to a Happy Healthy You! There is also the ability to store individual profiles for 2 people, so you and your partner can instantly bring up your specific workouts and have access to your personal date and exercise history.

Useful Tip:

Go hands-free for part of your training session to help improve coordination and balance! This will make the muscles in your core work harder, perfect for those of you looking to work on your core.

SchwinnDualTrack™ Double LCD Screens and Real Time Workout FeedbackSchwinnDualTrack

The unique Schwinn console is easy to read and allows you full and instant control of the elliptical machine. With these two screens you can keep track of up to 13 different display feedbacks, including heart rate, intensity meter, Goal Tracking, calories burned and much more! The LCD console measures 3×5 inches, easily allowing you to keep track of your progress. With the USB port you can export all your data to focus on later. Or to share with a personal trainer who can help you refine and expand your goals. You can even connect your data straight onto Schwinn Connect apps or!

These additional features are excellent for keeping track of your activities and particularly useful for professional athletes keen to monitor their weekly, monthly or yearly progress. The USB port can be used to charge your media device while you train so you don’t have to worry about running out of battery mid-workout. It’s perfect if you want to listen to music or even watch a movie, a great way to pass the time while training.

“Excellent piece of equipment. For the money, it’s an outstanding elliptical…” E.H. – Amazon Review

Ergonomic, Sturdy and Comfortable Design

The Schwinn 430 has a sturdy solid design, so you can feel secure in your workout. This is provided by a center frame support and two integrated levellers. This houses a high inertia perimeter weighted flywheel. This gives a smooth and very quiet workout. Seriously – this machine barely makes any noise. Luckily it comes with a speaker system so you can listen to some music rather than the noise of yourself puffing and panting (also features an mp3 port to plug your tunes into)!

The machine supports up to 300 pounds, with a stride length of 20 inches, which is more than you usually get at this price range. Normally you can expect a range of about 18 inches, so this machine gives you that added bit of flexibility. The built-in technology gives your stride a smooth stride to help reduce the impact on your joints.

The pedals are sturdy and cushioned so you can spend hours on them without a problem. They are wide enough to accommodate a vast range of shoe sizes and the texture helps to minimize slips. The pedals are designed so that your heel and feet do not lift off when in use, which greatly reduces the impact on your knees, back and hips.

The 430 also has both stationary and moving arms, so you have the option to add an upper body workout if you want. These are textured to give you a nice firm grip throughout your workout, even when you start getting a little sweaty!

Handy Built-in Accessories

It’s the nice little touches that I most like about this elliptical machine – for example there is a shelf that will perfectly fit an iPad or any tablet. And there is also a cup holder! It’s big enough to hold various sizes and is the perfect addition to any piece of exercise equipment in my mind. One of the worst things is having to stop in the middle of a workout to reach for your drink or start a new playlist. This machine eliminates that problem, keeping everything within easy reach.

Easy to Assemble

The great thing about this machine is that its also pretty easy to assemble – a single person should be able to put this together in a few hours. In fact, most users claim they managed to do it in about 40 minutes, not bad! The fact that it is nearly fully assembled might have something to do with it. It even comes with the necessary tools to put it together, they really did think of everything.

If you ever need to move the machine into another room you can use the transport wheels. These are positioned on one end of the machine and make storage a whole lot easier. I like that Schwinn has designed this with the end user in mind, to make every aspect of use as easy as possible. Using this machine at home couldn’t be simpler.

Useful Tip:

Combine speed with resistance to get the most effective workout; it’s not all about the speed! Set yourself targets and work your way up. You can track your progress on MyFitnessPal to keep you motivated.

What About The Cons? 

There’s not much to complain about when it comes to the Schwinn 430. The makers have really gone the extra effort to make sure this machine can be used by anyone, no matter what level you are at. While it may not be compatible with chest heart rate monitors, it does give you the option to check your heart rate by simply grasping onto the handles.

The other thing that might cause complaints is that you have to adjust the incline manually by raising or lowering the handle, so you can’t do this mid-workout. That can be a problem for those who want to switch things up in order to target different muscle areas throughout the workout. It just means you will have to stop the workout to change the settings. However, if you are happy to work against different resistance levels, then this shouldn’t cause too much of an issue.

Peace of Mind with Excellent Warranty

You can also have peace of mind as you work out as you know if anything were to happen to your machine, it would be covered by very generous warranty terms. Although the Schwinn is built to last, you are extra safe with:

  • 10 years frame warranty
  • 2 years mechanical warranty
  • 1 year electrical warranty
  • and 90 days labor

It’s safe to say Schwinn have got you covered here!

About the Company

Schwinn Fitness has over 100 years of experience in the fitness industry and produces a huge range of exercise machines. It’s not just their elliptical trainers that this iconic American brand is known for; they also produce treadmills, stationary bikes and rowing machines. Everything you could need for your perfect home gym. With their vast amount of experience, they have been able to perfect their techniques to produce quality products at very reasonable prices. With reliable service and solid warranties, this company does everything it can to keep their customers happy.

Is it the Best Elliptical Under $1000? – Our Final Verdict

If you are looking for a budget elliptical trainer that has it all, this is it! This model offers excellent value for money and is perfect for beginners and experts alike. Made for ease of use and maximum comfort, this has everything you need to keep your training varied and interesting. With a huge array of settings you can continue to push yourself further and achieve your desired fitness goals. It’s no wonder this machine has landed top pick for best overall elliptical trainer.

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